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At Sunbeat Yachting we understand that arriving at a new island, you may have a fault on your vessel. When your only transport is a dinghy, hiring a car to scout around a new island looking for parts is time consuming, frustrating and expensive. Shipping in parts ordered is a complex task and we can cover this for you, with our shipping agent we can obtain the parts needed. At Sunbeat Yachting we have a wealth of experience and local knowledge to effect repairs and get you back safely to sea. From ripped sails to some examples on the list below, we are on hand to assist. Some examples of recent repairs include: Prop shaft coupling detached from gearbox output shaft Engine overheating, (blown head gasket) Leaking exhaust at the silencer box, Corroded seacocks Seized Anchor windlass Frayed inner forestay Battery failure Fuel blockage Shaft seal leaking Cutlass bearing Wind generator seized Gearbox hydraulic valve failure Outboard wont start

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